The Cambridge University - MIT team comprises approximately 40 researchers.

An image of the SAX-40 labelled with numbers

  1. A. Faszer - Aerofoil Trailing Edge
  2. V. Madani - Inlet design
    A. Plas - Effect of boundary layer ingestion on fuel burn
    M. Sargeant - Inlet/airframe integration / 3D Airframe CFD
  3. P. Shah, D. Mobed - Engine air brake
    T. Law - Exhaust nozzle design
    S. Thomas - Vectored thrust / Aircraft control
  4. E. de la Rosa Blanco - In-depth engine analysis/design
    D. Crichton - Fan & variable nozzle design
  5. Y. Liu - Scattering Effects: Surface finish
  6. High-Lift:
    C. Andreou - Slats / Suction
    A. Townsend - L.E. Rot Cylinder
  7. A. Agarwal – Acoustic Shielding
  8. A. Quayle - Undercarriage
  9. J. Hileman - 3D Aero Design
    A. Jones - Optimization

R. Tam - Economics
T. Reynolds - Operations
H.-C. Shin - Acoustic Measurements & Phased Array Design

Faculty: A. Dowling, E. Greitzer, H Babinsky, P. Belobaba, J.-P. Clarke, M. Drela, C. Hall, W. Graham , T. Hynes, K. Polenske, Z. Spakovszky, I. Waitz, K. Willcox, L. Xu

Chief Engineers: J. Hileman and Z. Spakovszky

Former Members:
A. Diedrich - SAX10 planform
P. Freuler - Inlet Design
D. Tan - Noise propagation modeling
G. Theis – Economics
N. Sizov – Operations
R. Morimoto - Economics
C. Hope – Economics
K. Sakaliyski – Drag Rudders / Spoilers
P. Collins - KIC Manager

Last updated:06/03/08