Concept design of an ultra low noise, fuel efficient aircraft

The concept aircraft SAX-40 (Silent Aircraft eXperimental) is a result of an iterative design process (SAX-01 to SAX-40) to achieve low noise and improved fuel burn.

A computer-generated image of the SAX-40 conceptual aircraft design

We predict:

  • 149 passenger-miles per UK gallon of fuel (compared with about 120 for the best current aircraft in this range and size). This is equivalent to the Toyota Prius Hybrid car carrying two passengers.
  • A noise of 63 dBA outside airport perimeter. This is some 25dB quieter than current aircraft.

Video simulation

Click here to view a computer-generated simulation of the SAX-40 taking off (you will need Windows Media Player to view the streaming video)

High resolution images

Click the images below to download high resolution views of the SAX-40 concept design.

Scale model:
Scale model back viewScale model front viewScale model side view
Scale model superimposed over clouds:
Scale model over clouds - version 1Scale model over clouds - version 2Scale model over clouds - version 3
Computer-generated 3D model:
CAD model on runwayCAD model flying overheadCAD model on white background
CAD model four-view  


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Last updated:07/12/06