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Silent aircraft creeps closer to reality
Today, the vision of quieter and more environmentally friendly flying came a step closer as researchers from Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) unveiled their revolutionary concept for a silent aircraft. more..
Silent Aircraft gives young engineers a flight of fancy
Budding young engineers aged 13 to 18, from schools and colleges across the country - from Bristol to Sheffield - are taking part in a three-month design challenge to tackle aircraft noise. more..
Looking for quieter skies
Researchers from the Cambridge-MIT Institute's Silent Aircraft Initiative are joining forces with Nottingham East Midlands Airport to start work on developing new, quieter arrival procedures for aircraft landing at the airport. more..
The approach of the 'Silent' Aircraft
Dr Tom Reynolds from Cambridge University’s Department of Engineering discussed the latest ideas from the CMI 'Silent' Aircraft Initiative when he gave the BA Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award Lecture at the BA Festival of Science. more..
Perse boys visit ‘Silent’ Aircraft Initiative
Boys from The Perse School in Cambridge got the chance to be engineers for a day last week, when they met Cambridge University researchers who are trying to design a ‘Silent’ Aircraft. more..
The approach of the ’Silent’ Aircraft
Dr Tom Reynolds, a researcher working on CMI's 'Silent' Aircraft Initiative, has been awarded a prestigious award for science communication. more..
Brüel & Kjær joins CMI’s ‘Silent’ Aircraft Initiative
The Cambridge-MIT Institute is delighted to announce that sound and vibration measurement company Brüel & Kjær is joining its ‘Silent’ Aircraft Initiative. more..
London Luton Airport - a partner in the Cambridge-MIT Institute 'Silent' Aircraft Initiative
London Luton Airport is becoming the latest industrial partner in the efforts to design a 'silent' aircraft - one which would be virtually inaudible outside the airport boundary in sensitive built-up areas. more..
Cranfield University joins the CMI ‘Silent’ Aircraft Initiative
Academic staff and postgraduate students from Cranfield University are joining the ‘Silent’ Aircraft Initiative this autumn. They will be contributing to an ambitious initiative to design a plane that is radically quieter than current passenger aircraft. more..
Silent Aircraft of tomorrow reduces noise today
The team trying to design a silent passenger aircraft will release their latest research results to MPs, Peers, academics and aerospace business leaders at an Associate Engineering Parliamentary Group (APEG) event in the Houses of Parliament today. more..
Boeing joins CMI's Silent Aircraft Initiative
Under a recently signed memorandum of understanding, The Boeing Company will allow 'Silent' Aircraft researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to use some of its advanced design software to design and analyse aircraft that are being considered as conceptual design candidates. more..
Working towards the silent aircraft engine
Cambridge University researchers and graduate trainees from Rolls-Royce are working together on a completely new aircraft engine design. The project is part of the CMI Silent Aircraft Initiative, which aims to produce radically quieter passenger aircraft. more..
UK Engineers open flight path to quieter aircraft
Press Release from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) about the contribution two of their projects will make to CMI's new Silent Aircraft initiative. One has developed ways of calculating the noise made by helicopter blades at high speed, while a second is developing a computer model for predicting jet engine noise. more..
  CMI launches ‘Silent Aircraft’ initiative
On Monday 10 November, the Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI) launched a unique project to design a ‘silent’ aircraft. CMI’s ‘Silent Aircraft’ project has a bold aim: to discover ways to reduce aircraft noise dramatically, to the point where it would be virtually unnoticeable to people outside the airport perimeter. more..